Real-time claims management has been a game changer.

Insurers connect with customers and suppliers in real time, streamlining the claims processing chain, backed up by robust reporting tools.

Transform your customers’ mobile phones into video, voice, and image-capture tools.


Australia’s largest general insurers have already reduced their claim lifecycle by up to 2 weeks. Don’t fall behind!


You’ll have visibility over the entire supply chain and benefit from easy verification with virtual assessments.


Even when CAT events, emergencies or pandemics prevent access, you can be there. Safely.


Your staff can be where they need to be, your suppliers can be on the go and you can still connect everyone to your customer.


You have compliance covered, with geo-located, time-stamped video, notes and reports all securely logged on the job.


Comply with data sovereignty and security requirements, using a private cloud environment certified and optimised to run on Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Assist brings everything together for you.

Complete work remotely

Enterprise-grade data security

High-definition video streaming

Triage issues or complete assessments swiftly, safely, and securely

Ensure safety of staff and customers

Increase speed and accuracy of issue management

Skyrocket customer satisfaction, consistently rated 9.5+/10

Save time and travel costs

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to download an app?

No! Virtual Assist is an app free, easy to use, live video streaming service. It’s as easy as send a text message, open the link and share video, no downloads required.

Where is the data kept on Virtual Assist?

All data collected is kept and stored locally to the region in compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Can I customise the logo on Virtual Assist?

Yes! Virtual Assist can be white labelled as required. We are able to change logos and branding colours.

How much data does streaming on Virtual Assist use?

Streaming video through Virtual Assist uses a similar amount of data to watch a YouTube video online. The video stream can be viewed in high or lower ranges of resolution where required.

Is the video I stream also recorded?

Yes! While the video is being live-streamed, it is also being recorded. It is then uploaded and stored against the job automatically and can be used any time after the fact. An image capture feature also uses the camera on the device to captures any moment during the live stream in high resolution.

How can Virtual Assist help me to hit my ESG targets?

Virtual Assist Reduce reduces the amount of time on the road and emissions produced as a result. The app-free solution, gives your customers an alternative to waiting for help by skipping the travel. Virtual Assist allows teams to see what is happening on-site in real time with secure, high-definition video streaming and image capture. Teams can instantly connect with remote customers or team members to provide help, assess damage, verify work, or complete site inspections, all without leaving their desk. Resources are better spent and less emissions are reduced by being on the road.

Can you download the data captured on Virtual Assist?

Yes! You can extract a zip file of the session which will contain all images, videos and media.

Can Virtual Assist integrate to my phone system?

Yes! Virtual Assist can be integrated with phone systems.

Can I generate a report and can I customise any of the questions in the dataphase?

Yes! The form information and fields are customisable and you are able to generate reports based on any sessions.

How does Virtual Assist help me save on costs and resources?

Virtual Assist allows you to power your team to connect with customers and staff in the field, instantly through any smart device. Virtual Assist allows your team to triage issues and complete assessments swiftly, safely, and securely, without wasting time and money on travel.

Can I upload images from my camera roll onto Virtual Assist?

Yes! As well as easy, app free streaming, you are able to upload images or videos against a job on site, direct from your camera roll.

What about onboarding? Is there support and training resources?

Onboarding Virtual Assist is quick and easy. You’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you during onboarding and through to ongoing support.

Can Virtual Assist integrate API or file drop into other systems?

Yes, Virtual Assist is an API first technology, and we can integrate Virtual Assist into your core technologies or third party platforms.

What is the uptake of calls on Virtual Assist?

Our clients experience an average of 90% uptake of Virtual Assist calls on incidents meaning you can improve customer experience and get eyes on site almost 100% of the time!

Does it use single sign on (can I integrate with Virtual Assist)

Yes! Virtual Assist supports a single sign on.


Virtual assessments have allowed us to quickly scale up our team and kept things moving for our customers. Following the recent severe hailstorm in Brisbane around a third of home assessments have been completed virtually and the feedback from customers has been really positive.



Virtual Assist has allowed the Contact Centre to better understand, categorise and prioritise incidents across our water network.

Urban Utilities


Virtual Assist is an ideal addition to the Corporation’s triage process…it allows the Corporation to make more informed decisions on priority/criticality of the situation… it connects staff directly to customers, in the moment, and makes them part of the solution…reducing the time it takes for the issue to be resolved.

Water Corporation


The client benefits have been the pinnacle of this innovation; we highly recommend this technology to everyone!

AJ Grant Building


Virtual Assist is a very useful tool for those remote sites that are harder to get out to. Codafication is also very innovative and always prompt to help.

Australian Building & Construction Group