Because it’s possible to

Be where you want, when you want.

Safe, reliable and secure way of sharing verifiable, interactive stories instantly, connecting your organisation to your customers and stakeholders, no matter where you are — or they are.


Safely stream, capture, and store data.


Easy to use on any smart device.


Swift and seamless business integration.


Perfect for any business or industry.

Trusted by industry leaders

Urban Utilities

As easy as 1, 2, there.

Send SMS

Send SMS

Connecting is fast. Just set up your session, enter your customer’s mobile number and hit send.

Open link

Open link

Your customer clicks on the link to get started. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Share video

Share video

Safely stream video content, and back up each conversation on our secure servers with unique job logs.

Our products can take your business there, instantly.


Assess claims remotely, with instant person-to-person connection.


Save time and travel with remote maintenance checks and job quotes.


Make maintenance checks faster and easier.

Real Estate

Get those routine property inspections out of the way faster.

Here’s how it works

Connecting is fast, professional and easy.

No downloads or friend requests. You just send an SMS. You’ll be instantly connected to a video-streaming session.

  • Have a conversation and take notes
  • See what your customers see in real time.

Add images, locations, videos and voice.

All the action is pinpointed with geo-location, while you build a story.

  • Customers can add images on the fly.
  • Video, images, phone calls and notes are all stored together.

Records and reports are all sorted for you.

Our PDF generator organises everything into an -easy-to-read report, stored in a central repository.

  • Customise fields and add logos.
  • Access for playback at any time.

We’re here to help you become more efficient and effective.


Most metrics have recorded actual measure of success with more than 90% of customers prepared to use Visual Connect (Virtual Assist) compared the original target of 50%.

Water Corporation


When a customer comes to us with an insurance claim, it’s usually after a significant event in their life and often it can be quite stressful, and coronavirus is making it even harder. We are focused on finding flexible ways to support our customers through this process – helping them get on with their lives as quickly as possible.



Virtual Assist has allowed the Contact Centre to better understand, categorise and prioritise incidents across our water network.

Urban Utilities


The client benefits have been the pinnacle of this innovation; we highly recommend this technology to everyone!

AJ Grant Building